Dubai Coin – DBIX

What is Dubai Coin? – DBIX

Dbix is the first POW digital currency to start up in the Middle East and is the fuel of Arabianchain. The team behind it are very active and have been going since February 2016. They are not an ICO and have even secured a significant outside venture capital investment.

From the Website:

“Arabianchain Technology is a UAE based venture that is unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s economy by enabling today’s blockchain innovation. Arabianchain is the first public, decentralized and consensus-driven blockchain in the MENA region that allows for self-executing and globally accessible smart contracts and decentralized Apps to be developed, and for digital tokens to be transacted, tracked and safeguarded over a network of thousands of connected yet distributed devices.”

The cryptographic algorithm used by Dbix is Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash) which is the same algorithm as employed by Ethereum (ETH) and it can be mined using a GPU.

Where can I Buy/Sell/Trade Dubai Coin – DBIX?

There are a number of exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Dubai Coin, such as:

Useful Websites – Blockchain Explorer – Company Website – Bitcoin Talk forum announcement and discussion

How do I set up a DBIX Wallet?

Currently there is only a local wallet for Windows and Ubuntu.

There is also a web based wallet

Is it profitable to mine Dubai Coin DBIX?

This depends on what hardware you have, it can be easily calculated over on Whattomine. Remember profit shown here is based on selling the coin straight away.

How do I Mine Dubai Coin? DBIX

Dbix can be mined in exactly the same way as Ethereum using Claymores miner or any other Ethash miner.

Find a Mining Pool

First you need to find a mining pool, here are some examples. – Fees (0.15%) Instant Payout Threshold: 0.2 DBIX PPLNS Pay-Per-Last-5000-Shares

Create a Wallet Address

This can be from an exchange or desktop/web wallet.

Download Mining Program

Download Claymore AMD+NVIDIA and use the following bat:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal <ADDRESS> -eworker <WORKER> -esm 0 -epsw x -allpools 1 -mode 1Copy

Download Phoenix AMD+NVIDIA and use the following bat:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum+tcp:// -wal <ADDRESS> -pass x -worker <WORKER> -esm 0 -allpools 1Copy

Getwork: Download ethminer and use the following bat:

ethminer --farm-recheck 200 --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384 -G -F<ADDRESS>/<WORKER&gt; --disable-submit-hashrateCopy

Rent on nicehash or big miners:

Host: Port: 10033 Pass: # Algorithm: DaggerHashimoto


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