How to Build a Mining Rig: Step 3 Start Mining

How to Build your own Crypto/Ethereum GPU Mining Rig, Start Mining Ethereum

I will start with details of how to mine Ethereum one of the most popular coins for mining. It has been one of the most profitable coins to mine throughout 2017 but also bear in mind there are lots of different coins to mine, some that may be more profitable.

If you want to look at other coins available to mine a good place to start is

How to Mine Ethereum

Step 1: Download a Wallet

You can skip this section if you already have an Ethereum wallet address.

There are many ways to generate your own wallet address, but I’ll show you how to do it using the official open-source Ethereum software. Other wallets like Jaxx are much easier to set up but may be less secure.

  • Download the latest release of Geth for Windows here
  • Run the installer and select all of the default options
  • Open a command prompt window (right-click the Start Menu -> Command Prompt).
  • Type the following to switch to the Geth installation directory
    cd \Program Files\Geth
  • Type the following to create a new wallet address:
    geth account new

If you see a warning about starting the Ledger hub here, you can ignore it. You’ll be prompted to enter a password. The output will be a long string between two braces { }, that’s your new wallet address so make a note of it.

To find your key files go to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\keystore folder. Its recommended to copy the entire keystore folder someplace safe to backup your wallet.

If you ever forget your wallet address, you can open a command prompt, return to your Geth installation folder, and type geth account list to see your addresses and the location of their key files.

Important: The password you just used and the associated encrypted key file is what gives you control over your wallet address. If you lose either of these, you’ve lost access to your wallet and all of the coins in it. There is literally no way to recover them. Remember your password, and keep multiple backups of your key files.

Step 2: Download Claymore’s Dual Miner

Step 3: Choose a Mining Pool

There are loads of Ethereum mining pools, here are two popular ones below. 1% fee 1% fee

Step 4: Configure Settings (for Nanopool)

You need to go into Claymores Miner folder and either amend one of the existing .bat files or create a new one (right click>new>text document>save as>all file types> filename.bat).

Your .Bat file should have this text in it



Ethereum Mining Bat file

Step 5: Configure Mining to Start Automatically

Your want your rig to automatically start mining whenever it’s powered on or rebooted. That way, we keep mining losses to a minimum whenever a power outage occurs.

  • Open your Claymores folder where you created “mine.bat” in the previous step
  • Right-click on your mine.bat file, and click “Copy”
  • Now, navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)(Hint: Make sure hidden files are view-able)
  • Right-click anywhere on the empty background of the Startup folder and select “Paste shortcut”

You should see a shortcut to your mine.bat file appear in the startup folder, Windows will now automatically execute it upon boot-up.

Step 6: Start Mining

You are now ready to start mining, from your Claymore folder double click your .bat file and mining will start.

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