Adapt or Die: The Incoming Tidal Wave of Technological Revolution

I really think that there are huge changes heading our way in the job market and economy that will effect all industries. Advancements are coming at an exponential rate in Robotics and Processing Speed combined with AI, Big Data and Distributed Decentralised Technology. More manual jobs will be automated, AI software programs will perform simple […]
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Quick and Easy quide to Crypto Fundamental Analysis

There are literally thousands of different CryptoCurrency/Blockchain projects out there and new ones launching everyday. This makes is very difficult to quickly assess which ones look promising and which dont.

Should i Mine Bitcoin Gold BTG

It is now possible to mine the recent controversial Bitcoin “fork” Bitcoin Gold BTG. Just a word of warning this coin had a pre-mine which in the industry have dubbed a money grab. However if you dont care about that you may be able to make a short term profit mining and selling BTG. Below […]
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Coinbase Segwit2x Bitcoin Fork Announcement

Following statement has been issued by Coinbase with regards to the possible upcoming fork of the Bitcoin chain. “We wanted to remind you that the upcoming Bitcoin Segwit2x fork is projected to take place on November 16 and will result in 2 bitcoin blockchains. In our effort to make Coinbase the most trusted, safe, and […]
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Giving Bitcoin for Birthday and Christmas Presents

First Ever Bitcoin Gift Idea The best present you could give a friend or love one may be their first ever Bitcoin. Whether its £5 or £100 it could make a unique gift and introduce new people to a revolutionary technology. There are many predictions being thrown around by so called “experts” on the potential […]
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Blockfolio Review – Track your Bitcoin and Altcoins

Keep an eye on the value of your Bitcoin, Ethereum & altcoins on the move with Blockfolio. Android and Apple IOS App.

What the fork is Bitcoin Gold BTG? Scam or gift?

You may of heard recently that there is going to be a software fork of Bitcoin to create a new altcoin called Bitcoingold (BTG). I have tried to give an honest summary of all the information available below, be very careful with any new fork as your BTC could be at risk (see below). The […]
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A Guide To CryptoCurrencies And How to Buy Them, Hold Them, Trade Them, Mine Them and Spend Them

A site dedicated to all things Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.